Join us on the first pilot episode of our new podcast series, “Stories of the Awliya.”

On this episode we take a journey to Al-Andalus and the Maghreb as we learn about the story, life, and miracles of Shaykh Abu Madyan Rahmatullahi Alay.


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The team is joined by Imam Faheem Lea & Shuaiyb Newton from Camden and Philly to talk about culture, group mentality, the influence of Salafi Dawah, the impact of tasawwuf and more.

We also talk about time and how everything feels so much faster now.

We reference a blog post towards the end of the episode, which can be found at the following link:

How ‘time’(s) has changed



The team discusses a timeline through the waves of Islamic Theological History as Dr. Shadee warns us of the dangers and pitfalls of certain mistakes made in Aqeedah.

Wave 1 – Ridda Wars
Wave 2 – The Mutazila
Wave 3 – The Goofiyyah
Wave 4 – The Salafiyya
Wave 5 – The Neo-Mutazila

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Part 2 of The Absurdity of “Athiest Muslim”. Check out the Episodes Page for Part 1.


This episode firstly discusses some of the solutions to the problems we tackled in the previous episodes and then we tackle the concept of why empirical reality is not necessarily the only way we define truth.


We discuss the absurdity of “Atheist Muslim” and why this concept has no place in the religion.


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