The team discusses the idea of ethical product design in technology and software and the impacts that it has to humanity and the Ummah overall. Does your Snapchat Streak or your Twitter Feed have a direct correlation to your Imaan and how you understand Allah Azzawajal? We also discuss the subject of Aqeedah, the three schools, and also some recent events.

Links to the talk referenced:

Time Well Spent by Tristan Harris:

Why Islam is True by Shaykh Hamza Karamali:


Listen as on this episode the team visits some of history as we talk about the rise of Muslim Spain, it’s fall and how we should understand civilizations. We also discuss the end of times and how we should handle ourselves, the ummah, and our imaan during the end of times.


Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

Join us on the first pilot episode of our new podcast series, “Stories of the Awliya.”

On this episode we take a journey to Al-Andalus and the Maghreb as we learn about the story, life, and miracles of Shaykh Abu Madyan Rahmatullahi Alay.


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