Listen as we discuss why ideas, people, stories and things have lost depth today. There is a lack of patience amongst people now a days and the instant gratification culture takes away from the slow groth that is naturally meant to be experienced. We discuss together how to bring this back and how many recreational activities of the Sunnah foster this depth of character and growth.

Join us for a Ramadan special as the Podcast team comes on to talk about the problem of evil, eSports, and a number of other topics!

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Please keep us all in your duaa, we’ll be back for Season 2 in September 2017!

The team discusses a timeline through the waves of Islamic Theological History as Dr. Shadee warns us of the dangers and pitfalls of certain mistakes made in Aqeedah.

Wave 1 – Ridda Wars
Wave 2 – The Mutazila
Wave 3 – The Goofiyyah
Wave 4 – The Salafiyya
Wave 5 – The Neo-Mutazila

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